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source: Quran, translation M.H. Shakir

Quran > Chapter 51

51. The Winnowing Winds - Adh-Dhariyat
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
51:1I swear by the wind that scatters far and wide,
51:2Then those clouds bearing the load (of minute things in space).
51:3Then those (ships) that glide easily,
51:4Then those (angels who) distribute blessings by Our command;
51:5What you are threatened with is most surely true,
51:6And the judgment must most surely come about.
51:7I swear by the heaven full of ways.
51:8Most surely you are at variance with each other in what you say,
51:9He is turned away from it who would be turned away.
51:10Cursed be the liars,
51:11Who are in a gulf (of ignorance) neglectful;
51:12They ask: When is the day of judgment?
51:13(It is) the day on which they shall be tried at the fire.
51:14Taste your persecution! this is what you would hasten on.
51:15Surely those who guard (against evil) shall be in gardens and fountains.
51:16Taking what their Lord gives them; surely they were before that, the doers of good.
51:17They used to sleep but little in the night.
51:18And in the morning they asked forgiveness.
51:19And in their property was a portion due to him who begs and to him who is denied (good).
51:20And in the earth there are signs for those who are sure,
51:21And in your own souls (too); will you not then see?
51:22And in the heaven is your sustenance and what you are threatened with.
51:23And by the Lord of the heavens and the earth! it is most surely the truth, just as you do speak.
51:24Has there come to you information about the honored guests of Ibrahim?
51:25When they entered upon him, they said: Peace. Peace, said he, a strange people.
51:26Then he turned aside to his family secretly and brought a fat (roasted) calf,
51:27So he brought it near them. He said: What! will you not eat?
51:28So he conceived in his mind a fear on account of them. They said: Fear not. And they gave him the good news of a boy possessing knowledge.
51:29Then his wife came up in great grief, and she struck her face and said: An old barren woman!
51:30They said: Thus says your Lord: Surely He is the Wise, the Knowing.
51:31He said: What is your affair then, O messengers!
51:32They said: Surely we are sent to a guilty people,
51:33That we may send down upon them stone of clay,
51:34Sent forth from your Lord for the extravagant.
51:35Then We brought forth such as were therein of the believers.
51:36But We did not find therein save a (single) house of those who submitted (the Muslims).
51:37And We left therein a sign for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38And in Musa: When We sent him to Firon with clear authority.
51:39But he turned away with his forces and said: A magician or a mad man.
51:40So We seized him and his hosts and hurled them into the sea and he was blamable.
51:41And in Ad: When We sent upon them the destructive wind.
51:42It did not leave aught on which it blew, but it made it like ashes.
51:43And in Samood: When it was said to them: Enjoy yourselves for a while.
51:44But they revolted against the commandment of their Lord, so the rumbling overtook them while they saw.
51:45So they were not able to rise up, nor could they defend themselves --
51:46And the people of Nuh before, surely they were a transgressing people.
51:47And the heaven, We raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample.
51:48And the earth, We have made it a wide extent; how well have We then spread (it) out.
51:49And of everything We have created pairs that you may be mindful.
51:50Therefore fly to Allah, surely I am a plain warner to you from Him.
51:51And do not set up with Allah another god: surely I am a plain warner to you from Him.
51:52Thus there did not come to those before them an apostle but they said: A magician or a mad man.
51:53Have they charged each other with this? Nay! they are an inordinate people.
51:54Then turn your back upon them for you are not to blame;
51:55And continue to remind, for surely the reminder profits the believers.
51:56And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me.
51:57I do not desire from them any sustenance and I do not desire that they should feed Me.
51:58Surely Allah is the Bestower of sustenance, the Lord of Power, the Strong.
51:59So surely those who are unjust shall have a portion like the portion of their companions, therefore let them not ask Me to hasten on.
51:60Therefore woe to those who disbelieve because of their day which they are threatened with.

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